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An approximation of retirement

Hi, all. I think it's obvious given that this is my first post in eight months, but I wanted to say that--maybe temporarily, maybe not--I'm going to retire in a way from writing fic and actively participating in fandoms on here, which was essentially my purpose in starting this journal.

At the time I joined this site, I'd just gotten into Sherlock and Doctor Who, thanks to friends of mine at college. I started writing fanfiction because my original writing and roleplaying wasn't happening--my one partner was busy with school; so was I. I hadn't written fanfiction in years and I was a little surprised, a little nervous, to come back to it. I remember writing my first few Doctor/Rose pieces and I remember being so thrilled at being accepted to TTU, and then at the enthusiastic reception Hemlock received over there. I've never thanked you girls enough.

Fanfiction was what I leaned on, grew on, as I gave my own characters a break. I stretched my wings--I gained more experience working with prompts, something I'd never done to any great extent before. I wrote noir--I'd always wanted to write noir! I wrote Eleven/Rose, a pairing that had never interacted in canon. I did so many things that I'd always been hesitant to try and I enjoyed every step of the way.

The past year, things have changed. I've started roleplaying again, with two partners--my old one and a new one. I've gotten back to my old original characters and created some new ones. Once that happened, I found I couldn't really step back into fanfiction so easily. It's one or the other for me, unfortunately, for the most part. More than that, Doctor Who and I are... iffy. I don't feel connected to Eleven anymore, never really warmed to Clara, was exhausted and irritated by how long it took Moffat to finally write off Amy and Rory. I thought I would want to write fix-it fic for Series 7, before it aired, but the truth is, I just don't care enough about the show as it is now. I still love RTD era and its characters with all of my heart, and having loved Peter Capaldi as an actor for a while now, I was absolutely thrilled at the announcement that he's to be the Twelfth Doctor. So maybe in the near future, things will change and I'll start caring about the show again. But for now, Doctor Who and fanfiction are two things that are no longer an active presence in my life.

To all of you I know from Then There's Us and the Doctor/Rose shipping community at large, thank you, so unbelievably much. I learned so much from all of you, and I loved hearing about your lives, your families, and your thoughts on the strange, wonderful show and pairing we all loved. You all welcomed me, a newbie, with such warmth and kindness, and I hope I welcomed the new members who came after me in turn. Your kind words and suggestions boosted me immeasurably, and though I haven't written fanfiction for a while now, I'll never forget how good it felt to amongst all of you.

Everything I've written will still remain here and on TTU, so have no fear about that. I might still pop in occasionally to say hi, and talk about the early days of Twelve. I just wanted to leave you all with something other than radio silence, and I hope I've adequately expressed my love and fondness towards you all.

Thank you, so much, for everything.



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Aug. 8th, 2013 07:03 pm (UTC)
Awww ok! I'm just coming back myself now from an extended hiatus so I completely understand the need and desire, as times change and so do we. Hope to see you pop in on here sometimes, to hear about your roleplay and thoughts or whatever!!

... and yeah, DW as is currently is ... ugh =(
Aug. 8th, 2013 10:32 pm (UTC)
Best of luck with your non-LJ endeavours! I can relate to not feeling connected to fandom any more - these things just wax and wane, nothing we can do about it. Thanks for all the writing fun! Hope to see you pop back in now and then. =)
Aug. 9th, 2013 10:33 am (UTC)
It's a shame, but I completely understand your reasons, and wish you luck with whatever you work on next :)

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