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I don't know what it is about who_contest, but thus far most of my fics for there have been angst for Amy and Rory. I may have been iffy on Series 6, but some really fascinating moral problems came out of it for them, and there's still the situation with River to consider. When the prompt for this challenge, first trip, got released, for some reason it gave me a spark of a thought about Amy and Rory. What would their second pregnancy be like? It's essentially like their first, when you think about it, in a really heartbreaking way, because Amy won't remember her real first and Rory wasn't there for it. How hard does that have to be?

I'd never really considered that angle until I sat down and started writing the piece, because all I could think about was how would they tell any future children about River? Their older sister won't be around to know them. And their older sister is really their much older sister, older than their parents at times, even. How do you tell your child that your sister doesn't even live on this planet, or this century? Do you tell your child? What do you tell the community at large--what do you tell your own parents? That this is their first grandchild, even when it isn't?

These questions keep coming to me as I work, and I wonder if Moffat even really thought it through. The man and I aren't always on good terms, and I know how many people were enraged with the Amy plot last season on feminist grounds. I definitely see those concerns, but I also align myself with those who were sad from a characterization standpoint. Your child being your childhood friend doesn't exactly make up for the years you could have raised said child. The Doctor took away so many things from them, but their child was arguably the worst. I was truly sad in the Christmas special that Amy and Rory didn't have another child; I wanted to see that they'd gotten on with their lives, and it appeared they hadn't. The Doctor told Amy it was time to stop waiting, and yet they've kept setting a place for him for two years running. It strikes me as horribly sad. The entire situation does.

Writing this piece is turning into an emotional exercise. Recently, a friend of mine and I were talking about if we'd ever cried whilst writing a piece. I couldn't remember crying while writing, though I did cry while I was editing The Right Place For Love. I'm not crying as I write this piece, but I'm feeling a depth of sadness that I didn't think could happen when thinking on an impossible scenario that I'm never going to experience. It's strange and awful all at the same time. Once the piece goes up, I wonder if others will feel the same. Until then, I bid you all adieu and return to my Word document.


Jan. 13th, 2012 06:38 pm (UTC)
Yes, I think the whole River storyline is dreadfully, dreadfully sad, not the least of which for her parents, and for the many ways she was stolen from them. It's horrible.

If I ask myself if Moffat really understood what a wringer he was putting his characters through, I have to say NO, and that's what makes me a little mad -- because he thinks it's all a lark.

I guess in some ways that's the danger of fanfiction, when you're committed to going deeper with a character than the originator ever intended to go.

I don't feel like Moffat *respects* Amy, Rory, or River, and that's just too bad. :(
Jan. 14th, 2012 03:04 am (UTC)
I've come to think that, too, that Moffat hasn't really thought it through. I feel like he thought about "LOL GUYS WHAT IF THEIR KID WAS THEIR CHILDHOOD FRIEND AND SHE'S OLDER THAN HER PARENTS AND IT'S FUNNY. GUYS. YOU GUYS." and not about all the consequences, which unnerved me more and more as I wrote. It's a truly horrific situation for them all and I wish he'd spent more time on that. (I especially wish Rory hadn't been ignored so much; it was always treated like Amy's feelings were the only ones that mattered when it came to Melody. Granted, she spent more time with Melody, but it was Rory's child, too. Amy was in captivity, but Rory had tough times as well; he had to go through three months of searching for her, never having known his wife was pregnant in the first place, and never having known his wife was not actually his wife... that had to be hard on him.)

Honestly, almost everything I've written for the Moffat era is me trying to do one better on Moffat's utter lack of backstory and character depth. Rory's my sweetheart, Amy and River are characters I disliked initially that I've come to love for different reasons, but I can't say I like the way he's written them, and I wish he'd given us more backstory, more information about their families (does Rory even have a dad? Can we learn anything about his mum besides "Dusty Springfield fan"?), more anything. But this is why I write, really. Both to spend more time with the characters and to give them the treatments they hopefully deserve.

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