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Okay, so I've had this in my head for the longest time, but I sat down and decided to play around with it today. It's really just a snippet of what will hopefully become something larger--bits of Rose and Erica's friendship as they meet again (somehow).

Erica and Rose have a lot in common, at the very least their relationships with time-traveling Doctors. There's also that great tragedy in both their pasts that they'd like to change (Rose and Pete, Erica and Leo). Now that I've seen 3x04, I might play with Rose and Erica commiserating over having received advanced warning of their deaths (wibbly wobbly timey wimey means I don't quite care about how the timelines on each show don't mesh!). I see them as eventually having a sisterly sort of relationship, and I'm excited to write fic for them. This was my first shot at it.

The basic idea that I started with is that Rose mistakenly ends up in Canada during the early days of the dimension cannon, and that she and Erica strike up a friendship based on pure coincidence. This is a quickly done version of their first meeting; it will probably be tightened up and expanded upon greatly in future.

I'd appreciate any sort of feedback or encouragement, if anyone watches both shows (I know kilodalton does, but not of others) or if anyone's curious! :)

The girl Erica approaches is half-running, half-wandering, seeming lost. Her eyes dart to the street signs and back to the street, looking for any sign of where she is. At first glance, Erica would say tourist, but there’s something more in this girl’s frantic manner, something she can’t quite place.

She slows as Erica walks up to her, as she asks, “I’m sorry, you seem a little lost. Do you need help finding your way around?”

The blond gives her a look of extraordinary gratitude, fiddling with the cuff of her blue leather jacket. “You have no idea. Forgive me if this sounds strange—where am I?”

Erica raises an eyebrow, confused—it does sound strange, honestly—but she offers, “Toronto. Canada.”

A mumbled swear from the girl, as she looks around and stamps a foot in mild impatience.

“Not where you expected to end up?”

“Not at all, no.” The blond sighs and turns to her. “I have a few calls to make… I appreciate your help, really. Rose.” She offers her hand.

“Erica.” Erica shakes it, though she asks, “If you don’t mind me asking, what were you looking for? I could help if you need…”

“I don’t think you’d believe me even if I told you.”

Since she met Dr. Tom, Erica has realized that she believes in a lot of things she didn’t used to. “Try me.”

A faint smile quirks Rose’s lips, and she says with a laugh, “A time-traveling Doctor.”

At this, Erica sputters, laughing so hard that she nearly doubles over, and when she recovers she wipes the tears from her eyes and offers breathlessly, “Then, Rose, I think you found the right person.”


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Feb. 20th, 2011 04:06 am (UTC)
Got your PM - THIS IS GREAT!!! =D I think there's a lot to explore in a crossover - the shows both explore time travel coming from two such different paradigms that I think this has a ton of potential!!
Sep. 17th, 2011 02:54 am (UTC)

OMG This is AMAZING! Please tell me you are writing more of this!!!! I only recently discovered the excellence that is "Being Erica", but I've been a big fan of Doctor Who for ages and I adore Rose. I definitely think this works and can't wait to read more. I think it's a great idea!
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